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Got a question about Adventure Street? Chances are you’ll find the answer here. If not, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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Where are you?

Next door to Baggeridge Country Park, at the newly built Baggeridge Craft Village. Our address is 3-5 Baggeridge Craft Village, Brick Kiln Way, Gospel End DY3 4BB. There’s a map just here.

What is the Sat Nav postcode?

It’s DY3 4BB. If you have an older Sat Nav, you may need to use the postcode DY3 4AL and then turn into Brick Kiln Way (off the main Gospel End Road) and drive through Baggeridge Village residential site (avoiding ‘Fir Street.’)

For Google Maps – Just search for ‘Adventure Street’ and it will bring you straight here!

What do we need to remember?

1. Socks! Adults and kids need to wear socks (it keeps the place spotlessly clean).

Adults will also be required to wear masks unless seated at their table eating/drinking.

2. You don’t need to print out your booking details; we will simply ask you for the name of the person who made the booking.

3. Your play session is at a set time (just like the cinema). You can arrive after your booking time but the session still finishes at the advertised time. You are welcome to arrive 5 minutes before your session time and get yourself ready for playing; any earlier and we will be busy cleaning and tidying the play centre so doors might not be open.

What is Adventure Street?

It’s the newest play venue in Wolverhampton for under 7’s. Children call the shots in this child sized role play adventure; bake some bread, launch a rocket, serve mum and dad coffee (all pretend of course – some things like rockets are seasonal specials). Have a look at our gallery page for some pictures.

What age is Adventure Street for?

It’s designed for children who are of a confident walking age up to 7 years old. Babies are welcome to come along with their older paying siblings. Older siblings (over 7) are welcome too; we normally find they take on a ‘parenting’ role to their younger siblings so please book them in as adults on the booking system. If you find they love it so much that they play as well, please let our team know and pay the extra.

Where can I park my car?

Our car park is right outside the front door. It will take you longer to read this incredibly long sentence than it will take you to walk from your car to our door (unless your children grab your hand and point out the extremely tall and beautiful brick chimney that is next door to us and ask you lots of questions about why it is there and how it was made).

Do I get to play too?

Yes. It takes 2 to role-play. Children really benefit from having someone to interact with. Sometimes they will tell you what to do and sometimes they might just need a little sparkle of imagination from you help then set off on a role-play journey (you might end up deciding to be a fussy customer in a café or have a customer service need in the shop).

Do I get to sit down?!

Yes! However, our seating is cleverly integrated into the play settings; you will be sitting down and playing at the same time without even realising. There are also a few dedicated tables if you want somewhere to eat a snack. If you want somewhere to sit down for an hour on your phone while the kids are left to roam around, then you might be disappointed…

Is there cake and coffee?

Naturally! Most of the time you and the children will be so engrossed in what you are doing that you won’t want to stop playing. But if you need few minutes to recharge, then we do coffee made with real beans.

Can I bring my own food to a play session?

The profit in this business is quite small, and so to help keep the business viable, we ask you not to bring any other food with you.

We sell a range of snacks that meet the demands of most adults and children and you are welcome to bring with you any unusual snack food that your child has a particular craving for or to meet a dietary requirement (such as an allergy).

Anything else to know?

We only let a small number of people play at any time. That means it’s never overcrowded (even on a rainy day in winter!). We like cleaning everything. It’s warm and the car park is free! Finally, remember socks for everyone!

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